How To Write Essay

October 9, 2009

Every year ordering custom essays becomes more popular among students. Many potential clients consider using custom writing services because it saves their time, helps them to concentrate on their favorite subjects and offers more opportunities for personal development allowing active involvement in interesting activities besides studies. One of our writers decided to conduct research on different approaches to essay writing. He recorded the story of his friend who shared with him his experience of writing an essay for his English Literature class:

 …During my sophomore year at high school I was assigned to write an argumentative essay on any topic. I showed the first draft of the essay to my teacher. He read it carefully and then said, “This essay is not what I want.” I felt disappointed and angry at the same time. What’s wrong with my essay? Why didn’t he explain?

 I came home and decided to read it again. The first thing that I noticed was the introduction that didn’t catch attention of the readers. My essay was about gender inequalities and employment. I started with describing historical events related to gender issues and illustrating some facts which did not explain the topic of my essay. Therefore, I revised the introductory paragraph of the essay providing striking statistics about progression of gender inequalities for certain job positions. The introduction became interesting to read because the facts in the introductory part of my essay were taken from sources which were difficult to access and not actively “advertised”. Because of the uniqueness of the introduction readers were easily involved into the process of reading the essay; their desire was driven by their curiosity in further development of my arguments.

However, my introduction was still not perfect. The next element that I had to revise was my thesis statement. Thesis helps a reader to focus on the main point that a writer is going to prove by his/her essay. It may seem easy because before writing an essay you record your central idea immediately and then collect information and build your writing process in accordance with the main idea. Nevertheless, the thesis statement that you have in your mind may not be persuasive in written form. It is essential to remember that your thesis statement is not a summary of the essay that you were assigned to write. On the contrary, it is your standpoint on the chosen topic.

Thus, it should include your own opinion, the opposite point of view and the summary of supportive facts which will be presented further in the essay. The question is how to fit all those elements into one sentence of your thesis statement. It may take quite a long time. However, if you manage to write strong thesis statement you’ll succeed in presenting the complex idea of your essay using simple text. It does not mean using simple vocabulary; it rather means developing more persuasive arguments and making your essay easier to read. The thesis statement in my essay was: “According to sociological research, in multinational companies women have fewer opportunities than men to be hired for managerial positions.”

  I thought it was a perfect thesis statement; however, it was absolutely unacceptable. To begin with, the thesis statement of my essay was biased because it did not reflect the point of view of the opposite party. Besides, the main points which support the idea of the essay were not summarized in the thesis statement. Thus, I revised the thesis sentence and wrote the following:
“Even though some researchers believe that the new perception of the role of women in modern society established equal opportunities for men and women, psychological indicators and sociological findings demonstrate that women have fewer opportunities to be hired for managerial positions in multinational companies.”

 At last I finished my work on the thesis statement! The writing process went smoothly. I already had the structure of the essay in my head. First, I recorded the first sentences which explained the central idea of each paragraph in the main body of the essay. Later I reorganized my notes which I took while reading useful literature on my topic and supplied each paragraph with the evidence that supported my arguments.

 In the conclusion, I summarized the key points and restated the thesis. I showed the second draft to my teacher and his only comment was, “I’m glad that you learnt how to write an essay.”…

 Probably this story will remind you your personal experience of learning how to write essays. The story is interesting because this student discovered himself those mistakes that he made while writing the first draft of his essay. His knowledge came from practice. He was able to write a good essay but he would spend less time on his improvement if he did research and used online guides on writing essays.

Russian brides and Western brides

September 16, 2009

Many middle-aged westerners want a Russian single woman significantly younger than themselves. Increasingly though, as the effects of feminism in the Western world have become more and more perverse, younger and younger men are seeking dating abroad.

The truth is average russian women while they are anything but submissive, are usually also not forceful or domineering. These women are generally highly supportive of their husbands. Most men seeking such a wife really want someone who isn’t the extreme opposite to a meek Henny-Penny either. Unfortunately, too many of today’s American and Western women are, and these men have simply given up on them.

Most men who are searching for a mail order bride are just ordinary guys. In the 1990s, the majority of the men seeking russian ladies were generally middle aged divorced men in their forties and fifties. After a number of years dating American women they were not able to find the kind of woman they wanted. For the most part these men want a woman significantly younger than themselves (between 10 and 20 years), who is physically attractive, charming, gentle, sweet, feminine and whose primary career goal is to become his wife, as opposed to pursuing some professional career and, in addition, being a wife. These are typical qualities of Russian girls.

Today the number of younger men seeking penpals and wives increased greatly. Many never-married men in their twenties and thirties are now turning to the foreign Christian singles market and the age trend is moving downward. These younger men are looking for the same basic kind of woman as the older men, with the exception that they seek wives closer to their own age.

Russian and Ukrainian laides are beautiful, honest, and strong. They are the best women in the whole universe and other galaxies too. They are the best friends, best penpals and best wives. Russian girls are famous for their promiscuity as much as Russian men for their drinking problems. It might be considered as an asset if you are looking for some easy fun but if you have serious intentions and strong family values be careful! Russian girls, and for the most part, Russian culture is a lot more family oriented than American culture.

We offer various dating tips for single travel to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. You do not want to meet your lady, the first time, in her own hometown! Make that journey after you have decided you have found the perfect girl, and it is time to meet the family. You don’t have to be a Spartan to win a lady’s heart.

Not that Eastern Europe isn’t a beautiful place to visit…it is. It has a lot of amazing places that still remained untouched by a human’s hand. Its boundlessness of wild nature traps your eyes and heart forever.

I hope these pieces of advice will be helpful and will make your search of YOUR russian girls that will love you forever!

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English Writing

September 11, 2009

The author of the article reviews the German documentary “The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl”. The reporter describes the way the movie under consideration begins. He claims that it starts with a voice-over narration pointing out that the movie examines Riefenstahl’s career without prejudice. The author of the article indicates that it is not an easy task to scrutinize everything without preconception, as she has a reputation of Hitler’s favorite film director. Having such a name, nevertheless, Riefenstahl directed two highly successful movies, one of which was “Triumph of the Will”; it was commissioned by Hitler, another one “Olympia”, was generously funded by the Third Reich’s treasury. The author acknowledges that the filmmaker herself insists on the fact that her movies never did anything with the political program of National Socialism. She merely shot films looking at the world with a disinterested eye.

The author recounts that in “The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl”, the filmmaker is interrogated by Ray Muller and holds up impressively during the interview. Hence, the author argues that she is a monster anyway, though she represents herself as a tragic figure, an artist obsessively dedicated to aesthetic principles. The filmmaker paid a high price for her impertinent idealism; she has never shot a movie since the end of the war.

The author of the article concedes that Leni Riefenstahl had never heard of Hitler before she met him. According to the reporter, for her, “Triumph of the Will” was just a movie about peace and creating jobs, naturally, she did not consider it to deal with racial ideology. Riefenstahl was disillusioned at the end of the war, as she confronted the evidence of the Holocaust. The author observes that in Primo Levi’s final book “The Drowned and the Saved”, readers see that she seems to apologize for being a Nazi artist, making her beautiful images correspond to her leader’s deceitful words.
The author concludes by insisting that Riefenstahl’s thoroughly considered story has the same worthless and even pernicious beauty as her movies do.

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SEO – Smart Way to Gain Success

August 29, 2009

The popularity and visibility of a website on the internet makes it ranked good by search engines. Actually, the more visible the website is to viewers, the better the chances it can get to be noticed by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN.

So if your website is not being notice by the search engines and your presence is being ignored by the internet, what will you do then? What will you do to make sure that your website will be recognized by the search engines? Read on, since this article will provide you the answer to these questions.

Definitely, having a business, you want it to gain success. Of course, you do not want your website left hanging in there without even a single visit or sale. One of your goals is to gain lots of visitors to your website; since this can help you gain traffic to your website and can get great ranking on the search engines.

Of course, you have heard about search engine optimization or SEO. For you to gain the goals you want for our business’ website, you have to optimize your website. Optimizing your website takes a lot of work, so if you think you can’t do it, you can hire a SEO Company to make the work for you. But of course, do not hire just a SEO company; make sure it is the best one.

Having a business, you want to make sure that it will gain lots of profits and be popular, but you can achieve this if you make use of search engine optimization. Yes, as mentioned earlier working with a SEO Company can help you out achieve all of your goals. But you have to take time in finding the best SEO Company.

The Best and professional SEO company can guarantee the success of your website, with their methods, strategies and experiences, they can assure you that you will gain traffic to your site and be on the top rank of the search engines.

Yes, you know that lots of people are using the internet for information, services and products, and they do it with the use of search engines. So if you will be on the top rank of the search engines, lots of internet users will visit your website.

If you are looking for the best SEO Company, you can use the search engines in doing so. You have to simply type the topic or subject of your website on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Definitely, the search engines will give you plenty of results but of course all you have to do is open the one on the top rank and look for the SEO Company that made it possible for the website to be on that ranking.

Indeed, in order to gain the success you desire for your business, you have to work with the best SEO company that possess the strategies, methods and experiences that can aid to that goals.

Cause of Dyspnea

August 15, 2009

Dyspnea has cognitive and emotional components, in the course of care plan development and dyspnea management peculiar attention should be paid to the causes of the nonspecific symptom (Lynch, 2006). Dyspnea also referred to as shortness of breath, breathlessness or air hunger occurs for various reasons either at rest or on exertion (Hamilton, 2005).

Descriptions of the symptom may vary according to the patient, and it occurs when the required workload exceeds an individual’s normal ventilation abilities. Hence, neural receptors alert the respiratory centers of the brain stem in response to the changing levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen. This imbalance between the respiratory and the cardiopulmonary systems results in breathing stress or dyspnea (Lynch, 2006).
Common causes of dyspnea include: heart problems, such as irregular heart beats, fluid accumulation around the heart caused by forms of cancer, recent heart attack, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, ascites, renal insufficiency; lung problems, such as blockage by a foreign body in your upper or lower airway passages, by tumor, infection; constriction of your lung passages; pneumonia; pulmonary edema, upper respiratory infection; pulmonary fibrosis; pulmonary toxicity; pneumothorax; pulmonary emboli; anemia, anxiety, etc (Hamilton, 2005).

About fifty percent of patients with cancer experience dyspnea. Some causes of cancer-caused dyspneic patients are directly related to cancer, or the primary tumor may be in another organ which metastasizes to lung tissue and causes shortness of breath. It can be also caused by either pleural effusion or pericardial effusion. Dyspnea can be brought about by the effects of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. On becoming weak, patients may have decreased ventilatory movement, unstable psychological status undermined by pain or anxiety which also lead to dyspnea (Lynch, 2006).

Proper diagnosis of the underlying causes of dyspnea is a task of primary importance, as it is the key to successful symptom management and disease treatment.
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Research Article

August 6, 2009

The development of effective methods of reading is crucial for the process of language learning. In actuality, it is impossible to reach the language proficiency without well-developed reading skills. At the same time, the adequate of reading skills of students is also of the utmost importance because the adequate assessment of students achievements in reading can encourage him or her substantially. In this respect the study conducted by C. Brantmeier, “Adult Second Language Reading in the USA: The Effects of Readers’ Gender and Test Method”. Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table, is particularly noteworthy. The author focused her attention on the gender and test method and their effects on students’ reading skills and their assessment. In fact, the author has found out that gender does matter in the process of testing of students reading skills. Bratmeier argues that even though the mother language of students is very important but it still cannot fully eliminate gender differences which also affect students reading skills. At the same time, it is worth mentioning the fact that men and women have differences in comprehension, which may be a function of the type of assessment. Hence, men and women can have different results if different types of assessment are used.

Learning a foreign language, as well as learning at large, is a two-ways process, which involves not only students who learn the language, but also teachers. The role of educators can hardly be underestimated, but often professional educators ignore the fact that they should analyze and assess not only the work and achievements of students but also those of their own. At this point, it is possible to refer to the study conducted by R. Dresser, “The Effects of Teacher Inquiry in the Bilingual Language Arts Classroom” in Teacher Education Quarterly. The author mainly focuses on the teacher’s professional training and work. To put it more precisely, he argues that teachers should be reflective practitioners who assess their own teaching practices as a way to improve their instructions.

The use of audio-visual technologies in the process of learning the language is widely spread in the modern classroom. At the same time, the use of audio and visual testing may be a very complicated process for students. In this respect, students need to focus their attention on testing. In such a context, the amount of time they pay to a specific test. The study conducted by E. Wagner, “Are They Watching? Test-Taker Viewing Behavior during an 12 Video Listening Test” in Language, Learning & Technology, researched the behavior of students who took listening test composed of six separate video texts. The researcher found out that the participants oriented to the video monitor 69% of their time while the video text was played.
Finally, it is important to take into consideration the cultural background of students while teaching and assessing their language competence.  L .Valli, L. and others “Initiating and Sustaining a Culture of Inquiry in a Teacher Leadership Program” in Teacher Education Quarterly, have revealed the fact that teachers should be aware of cultural background of their students and encourage culture inquiry among students. At the same time, teachers should understand that different cultural background may need different approaches to assessment since students’ reaction on one and the same assessment may differ in different cultural groups.

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Planning and Strategy

August 2, 2009

Planning plays a very important role in the functioning of modern organizations. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the experience of the organization I am currently working at. In fact, the organization has faced a problem of the growing number of compliances which have simply overwhelmed the organization. In such a situation, the organization focused on the planning process to prevent the further growth of the number of compliances and minimize customers’ dissatisfaction.

In such a context, the strategic planning may be used effectively to plan for compliance in the contemporary business environment. In this respect, it should be said that the organization has developed strategies which can help decrease the rate of compliances and, therefore, the organization can use its funds more effectively. For instance, the organization has introduced special training programs, which taught employees to develop effective plans of their work with customers to keep them satisfied. As a result, the implementation of these programs led to the improvement of the organization’s public relations and it was possible to minimize the level of compliances. Consequently, such strategic development will affect directly the organization’s compliance planning that means that through planning it is possible to influence the organizational performance.

Thus, it is obvious that strategic planning is an important managerial function, which plays a very significant role in the functioning of organizations because it can increase the effectiveness of their performance and increase customer satisfaction.

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This Mysterious Online World

August 2, 2009

Online trade has been growing steadfastly during the last several years. One can purchase just as many things online as in real life. It is widely perceived that online trade is more convenient, custom-oriented and certainly quicker than traditional purchasing at the supermarket. You should not stand in line to buy the products; everything you purchased online can be delivered right to your doorstep. However, one should always remember that sometimes online trade is not a safe one. There are some instances when the customers have paid for the products yet these products have never been delivered to them.

There is also one industry where you should follow several rules which will prevent you from being cheated by unethical and fraudulent companies. This industry is online essay writing service. You are apparently aware what you should do if you are purchasing TV set or DVD player online. However, what you should pay attention to if you are resolved to buy term paper online? First check out whether you have provided the writers and researchers with the term paper topic of your essay. Remember that in many cases the customers either forgets to provide the company with the right topic or the topic is vaguely formulated. Needless to say that in this case it would, be extremely difficult even for experienced and skilled writer to research and write the paper that would match your initial instructions and what more – your expectations.  Term paper topics as well as instructions may vary, yet they should match the requirements set by your tutor.

Second, pay closest attention to the instruction that you provide. Make sure that these are instructions demanded by your tutor; otherwise the term paper written will not match those set by your college or university.  In this case you might wound up with useless yet sometimes expensive paper. Third–try to find out about the company you are dealing with, as much as possible. You should convince yourself that the company really has professional and experienced writers who can produce high-quality, well-written custom term paper that matches the instructions and requirements set by you. If you follow these several simple advises, than there is a high probability that your custom term paper will be written according to your specifications.

Online Dating: How To Make Online Dating Work For You

July 9, 2009

With the sharp increase in the number of internet users, online dating has likewise continued to thrive. Online dating is currently occupying the largest proportion of paid up advertisement on the web. With more than a thousand dating sites available today,competition for matchmaking has become an all important aspect of the big players in the market. It is imperative to note that when a big player in finance, technology sets sight on online dating, then there is money to be made.

Initially the idea of dating on the internet was associated with alot of social stigma.It was thought of as a way for social misfits to meet. Come the 90′s and following the release of the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan box office hit “You’ve Got Mail”,online dating started being regarded as an effective and intelligent way for people to meet and even start relationships. Online dating become a favoured method especially for busy career people who had little time to socialize. With time it has caught on not only as a matter of necessity to meet people but also as a trendy thing to be involved in.
In traditional dating people are restricted to talking to people present in their social setting and people who one has no idea about their likes and dislikes or even their  personal compatibility. Online dating provides the element of selectivity where the users are able to browse their potential partners profiles before actually communicating with them. There is also the advantage of not having to struggle with breaking ice as a simple hello in most cases often serves the purpose. There is also the option of selection, as there are thousands of people to choose from.

There are, however, some obvious dangers associated with online dating. The most common of these are false profiles leading to misconceptions and disappointments about potential partners and  security issues such as date rape and kidnapping upon meeting people initially met on the internet. This does not make online dating an unsuitable choice as the same risks if not worse are encountered by those who stick to the traditional modes of dating.

All said and done, this fast growing dating method has brought a revolution to the world of dating as we know it.

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How To Start A Conversation With A Potential Date

July 4, 2009

It is true that conversation is innate in human beings. But sometimes there are situations when we become tongue-tied and keep on biting our fingers pondering how to approach a person. In such cases, you really have to know some ways on how to start a conversation. And you must also be outfitted with questions and topics to get her or him talking comfortably with you. The ability communicate effortlessly and to start a conversation easily are significant components of all your personal and business interactions. Also, having a basic knowledge on how to start a conversation can help a lot in developing good communication skills.

A good conversationalist projects an image of self-confidence and intelligence. So if you don’t want to be misjudged as less intelligent, try to learn some tips on how to start a good conversation. If you’re a man and you’re thinking of ways on how start a conversation with a woman, always keep in mind that women are picturing whatever you describe and they are trying to feel the feelings that go along with the said pictures. Because of this, every man must know how to lead conversations towards discussion of feeling connected and loved. Talking about depressing things will just make them more and more upset.

If you want your first approach to women be successful, try to be totally cool, calm and humble. Do not show any sign of insecurity or apologetic movement. One of the steps on how to start a conversation with women is to act as if you’re there to find out if she’s the kind of woman you would like to know better. Don’t appear as if you’re too worried about whether or not she’s going to appreciate and like you.

And if you’re the type of woman who keeps on thinking on how to start a conversation with a guy whom you would like to be friend with, or you are too shy to approach the hunk that you have been salivating over, then start practicing some tips on how start a conversation. Starting a conversation could mean looking directly in the eye of the guy and genuinely smiling at him. You need not fear if he would interpret your act as something else, just be confident in smiling at him and wait for his positive response.

There are also ways on how to start a conversation for both men and women. These are the things that you must bear in mind in order to develop the necessary communication skills. These steps on how to start a conversation will make you ready to converse with any person, anytime you feel like it. For you to create an interesting and enjoyable conversation, try to be interested to other persons and other things. Keep yourself updated with the current events, be involved in community activities, and it is also good to have a mental list of interesting topics to be discussed and know how to break the ice. It only goes without saying that learning how to start a conversation is as easy as preparing in advance. These are only few of the tools that can help you learn how to start a conversation with almost anybody.

Conversation doesn’t only involve talking and talking. Steps on how to start a conversation also suggest that you need to be a good listener. This means that in learning how to start a good conversation, you must also learn to balance the situation – you should listen carefully and respond consequently. Listening and responding to what the other person is saying also means that learning how to start a conversation is actually just showing good manners and genuine concern and interest in the person that you’re talking to. Furthermore, make sure to maintain an eye contact and be able to carry on the conversation because building up self-confidence is a vital part of learning how to start a conversation. And don’t forget that learning how to start a conversation is simply just a process of practicing your social abilities until they turn out to be a habit.
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